Abolish Wishes and Feelings Reports!

This is an argument advocating the abolition of Wishes and Feelings reports

The Problem with Parental Alienation

The Problem with Parental Alienation As an alienated parent, I think about PA a lot.   The thing I find hardest to understand is this: How come I get it, and can explain it to anyone in 5 minutes, yet judges and CAFCASS workers don’t get it?   Courts sometimes take ten years to work this stuff […]

The Family Court’s Bias towards women, and why feminists should be worried

As a dad (yet another ‘tearful and wholly-deserving father’, to use the courts’ stock phrase) who’s been through the nightmare of family court litigation, I can conclude, 3 years and £20k later, the following: CAFCASS is biased towards mothers; Judges are biased towards mothers. There is plenty of evidence to supports both claims, and I […]

Do we need Specialist Social Workers?

Do we need specialist social workers? We have already highlighted the need for more specialisation for lawyers.  UKAP argues here for the need for more specialisation for social workers also. Introduction The chief problem with social work in this field is an in-built prejudice against men.  This is highlighted in a recent report from the […]

Judges and Accountability

Judges and Accountability The judges of England and Wales are in quite a unique position.  This is for a number of reasons – the full constitutional position is explained here.  But, for these purposes, we do not need to know too much about the distinctions between the legislature (Parliament), the Executive (Government) and the Judiciary […]