I propose two main solutions to the problems of dealing with PA cases:

Utilising the existing law

My view is that most of the injustices experienced every day in courts throughout England and Wales can be remedied simply by using the law as it stands today.  The law is not perfect, but the problems lie mostly with implementation of the law, rather than the law itself.

The main problem is with weak, cowardly, lazy judges.

Because we can use existing law to remedy most of the problems, the solutions ought to be quick and cheap and, in my view, can actually save money.  These are necessary changes that will help TPs and children to re-establish the relationship that has been wrecked by the current ‘system’.

In a perfect world, there would be reforms to the existing law.  These changes would take time, and, in some cases would involve a cost.  Nevertheless, these changes are desirable if we are to tackle PA seriously, in the medium term.

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