What do you think of the legal advice you have received?

Ok, well, according to our survey, you don’t think much of lawyers!

Recent figures from the Ministry of Justice show that family cases are resolved quicker without lawyers. And we know from decided cases that many of those that are a bit older (by which I mean older than say five years) involved lawyers on both sides, and were a disaster for the child and the alienated parent.

So, lawyers don’t seem to help much. And there are many stories of lawyers making no difference at all, except to our bank balances. I thought I’d share with you some of the comments I received:

  • “Used a solicitor to start with but after two years went LIP (Litigant in Person)”
  • “Spent over £250K so far over 2 years. Over 25 days in court and now waiting for a 3 week trial in november. Had to change lawyers after 1 and 1/2 years due to incompetence. Employed a specialist PA barrister to get a psychologist appointed at 25K a pop!”
  • “Used lawyers and barristers, they where useless used a few McKenzie some brill some are con men”
  • “Solicitors are the root of the problem IMHO. A good Direct access barrister can be a god sent [d]. “
  • “Solicitors seem happy to prolong things as they get more money for doing so.”
  • “It takes them too long to recognise the severity of what the other parent is capable of. “
  • “Solicitors and barristers do not have appropriate knowledge of how to deal with this situation”
  • “my solicitor is very good but doesn’t have much knowledge of PA. I also feel that cases like this earn them a huge amount of money. It is what it is but in child cases i think solicitors and government should do more to help financially especially if PA is proven. My solicitor unable to let me settle my bill at the end of my divorce which places a huge strain to pay my monthly bill and is trying to encourage me to take out a litigation loan at a stupid rate of interest. I feel this is irresponsible and immoral. They are feeding off our misery and at the expense of best outcome for children. Solicitors on the other side also play games / send threatening letters etc…. which i find unprofessional. “
  • “My solicitor had only one other experience of a child not wanting to see their parent. He resolved that by linking them on Facebook. He would not see my partner as manipulating only steering. “
  • “After spending savings over two years using solicitors and barristers I now represent myself as a LIP. I dont find that a problem as I have been going to court now for over five years.”

And my definite favourite, from one of our Australian respondents:

“Over paid blood sucking parasites who’s main object is to make as much as possible out of you .lt is by far the least respected profession in the world + me , l personally would prefer to to scrub dunny’s with a toothbrush held between my teeth than be one of them. I mean who in their right mind with even half a conscience would want to spend their every working day either robbing people or outright lying either directly or in omission then go home at the end of the day and tell your kids how to treat people honestly with sincerity. Yeah right !!”

I would like to offer a bit of balance – here are the positive comments:

“Despite a seeming negative societal view, my solicitor was amazing, reduced the number of hearings needed by noting future actions and helped voice concerns when I was too emotional as there was too much to lose.”

“My solicitor is great but is very aware that she must play the game and go along with the system. She seems to try to move things along but mostly tries to find workarounds and hacks in order to achieve a resumption of contact.”

Err..that’s it for positive comments…


I would very much like to hear from those of you that have had good experiences of lawyers (whether solicitors or barristers), so please post here – negative comments also welcome of course

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