Court Fees

Court fees are constantly changing, and saw a big hike last year.  Further guidance can be found here including advice on help with court fees. (see pages 14 – 17).

Although there might be differing views on using a solicitor, it is not a bad idea to get a lawyer to start things off for you, as they are familiar with the various forms and fees.

After commencing proceedings though, you might like to consider cheaper options like DIY (being a Litigant in Person) in conjunction with a Direct Access Barrister, or using a McKenzie friend.

The Courts have just announced big profits from the increases in Court fees – £102 million…

This fuels one of my conspiracy theories – if judges keep messing about and not enforcing contact, TPs have to keep bouncing back to court all the time to try to get something meaningful done, thus ‘feeding the machine’.

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