The Case of ‘A’ and ‘B’

Mr Justice Keehan to the rescue – again (see more of him in TB vs DB 2013 [EWHC 2275 (Fam))

We have seen before that Mr Justice Keehan is well-versed in matters concerning parental alienation.  Here is another case in which he was involved.

The case concerned two children (‘A’ and ‘B’), aged 12 and fifteen years.  ( The mother was alienating the children and the judge made an order that the children should live with the father.  The mother did not accept that ruling, and, in part four of the judgement, Judge Keehan confirmed the earlier order and gave a ‘Parental responsibility’ order in favour of the father’s new partner, who would have the day-to-day control of the children.  He declined to order that the wife should pay the costs of the expert, and ordered that each parent should pay 50%.

The mother made repeated allegations of abuse against the father, allegations that she subsequently admitted were ‘untrue and false’.  That’s typical lawyer-speak.  Most people understand ‘untrue’ and ‘false’ to be the same thing!  Whilst finding this, the judge nevertheless denied the father’s applications for the mother to pay the costs that were thrown away by her own contumacy and lack of cooperation generally.  This was despite the fact that the mother owned a luxury flat in Moscow and took away £2 million from the financial remedy settlement.   The reasoning was that the mother had not behaved ‘unreasonably’ and yet she had demonstrably lied about the domestic abuse…the mother nevertheless had to pay the father’s costs of one of the hearings.

Karen Woodall makes an appearance again, but, this time, with more fortunate consequences.  The judge found that the mother’s attack on Ms Woodall’s professional status and capabilities was unfounded.  The judge said that:

For the reasons given in my judgement of 24th February, the attack was baseless and was totally without any merit.

Karen Woodall appears to have done some excellent work here.

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