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I am fascinated by the Nazis.  Can’t help it.  Serial killers too.  The reason is this.  I do not understand how one human being can treat another human being in this way.  Slavery falls into this category too.

I mention this because I am really trying my best to understand judges.  It seems to be as difficult as trying to understand Nazis or slave-owners.  Maybe trying to understand is just a fool’s errand.

Yes, it’s easy to say that judges are out-of-touch, unenlightened, cowardly and so on (especially as it’s true), but there is one thing I really struggle with.  If it is obvious that judges are being unjust (and you only have to read the case law or read our survey results), why do they do it?  Why is it that we leave the Court of Appeal, time after time, as just another ‘tearful and wholly-deserving’ parent (after eons of litigation)?  Why, in essence are judges just so bloody useless?  What’s in it for them?

I have offered some possible explanations here.

But another occurs.  It’s a ‘psychologistic’ point – that is, it’s about judges as human beings.  What motivates them?  Sure, it could be laziness, boredom or cowardice, and I abandon none of those arguments.  But maybe it’s something altogether more sinister.

How was slavery and the Holocaust possible?  These horrors happened (amongst other reasons) because the Nazis and the slave-owners viewed their victims as ‘other’, as ‘vermin’ as non-human.  Could it be that our judges see us in the same way?   Now, if it seems a bit much to compare judges to slavers or Nazis, consider the possibility (at least) that they see us and our kids as just more cannon-fodder to feed the ‘machine’.  Not only must we pay our taxes to keep them in their positions of power and authority, we must pay again with inflated lawyers’ fees and court costs (which we never get back, even if we win our case which, of course, is unlikely), as we beg and plead with complete strangers to spend just a little time with our own children.  And that’s just the short-term financial cost.  Sarah Squires discusses the longer-term financial costs here.  And then there’s the psychological and emotional costs to both us and our kids…

It must be, surely it can only be, that judges think they are doing the right thing in keeping one parent away from the child.  And how can that be, given that most alienated parents have done absolutely nothing wrong at all.  So, they rationalise.  And their rationalisations invariably amount to something like I was told at the beginning of my case, by District Judge Stewart at Southampton.  He said to me at the start of the case (and this is a word-for-word quote) “I might well agree with you about everything, and still do nothing”. 

Three years later I understood that what he meant was “I do agree with you about everything.  Of course.  I see and hear this all the time.  But I won’t do anything, because I never do.  So, save yourself three years of heartbreak, probably more, and a ton of cash, and just go home and accept your fate.”  

And all of this happens ‘in the best interests’ of our kids…

I wonder how many judges and social workers would commit suicide (like some of the parents we read about on these forums) if they were deprived of their children for weeks, months, years, or for ever?  If I am right, the answer is probably none.  After all, they never see their kids anyway – they’re at boarding school – a great place to learn emotional numbness, and deliver the next crop of robo-judges.  And so it goes on…

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  1. You hit the nail on it’s head. You stole my words if not my sad experience. I like the part where the Evil Judge told you “I can believe all that you tell me but DO NOTHING “. LMAO…That was experience until they all colluded told lies and f…ed me over. .Lost my son..never saw him again. .All done by an evil, wicked and heartless Judge.


    1. Thanks Dandyman – can you tell me the name of your judge and which court? One of the things I would like to do is to ‘name and shame’ these people, as I did in this post. Also, have you considered a claim under Article 8 of the ECHR?


      1. Neo. The evil wicked Judge’s name is Theis J in the COP Family Division. I appealed {in the CA} and Mc Farlane/Ryder believed all her lies and fabrications in her smokescreen Judgements. I then took it all the way to ECHR but, even they has a way to cover-up {A single Judge and a Rapporteur declared your application inadmissible under Art:35″. Even though I was in time and I had exhausted all Domestic Remedies. It is a negative process where they sends out a pre-typed standard letter when they do not wish to do their incumbent jobs and investigate.
        Listen to this only last week, Lieven J in [2019]EWHC 2498 {Fam} Case No: FD19P00144.Paragraph: 1 states “It is accepted and has been throughout the proceedings that KR has capacity to make decisions as to where he lives and who he lives with. He therefore does not fall within the scope of the Mental Capacity Act 2005. It should be noted that ST has also been assessed to have capacity in the relevant respects.” while, Theis J {who fabricated my son’s capacity} states in Paragraph: 20 ” IT IS DECLARED THAT L has for the purposes of the Mental Capacity Act 2005 the capacity to make decisions about residence, care and contact.
        Who is right here? Lievin J or Theis J? Each Judge has their own version of what is the Law {MCA} but, Theis J is wrong. If someone has Capacity, the Court has No Jurisdiction.
        Anyways, I have to be careful as they want to JAIL me. I am inhumanely gagged. They gave the opposition {who cried more and more false tears} contact to abuse my son in all areas and once I took it back with the “compelling Evidence”, they hurriedly dismissed it and ran away, this is after everything backfired horribly in their faces. She breaches the order and nothing is done but, if I did it, I’ll still be in jail.
        February next will be 7 years of No Contact while, I am un-impeachable, caring dad who cared very well for many many years for him. He has gone on to become a thief, obese and a threat to females. Rather than Apologise, they decided to RUN away since she let them down badly but, my day will come once the new humane LPS kicks in and she retires or die.


      2. This is Mrs Justice Lucy Theis presumably..? Don’t know her. As your case went to the CA was it reported, Dandyman? Do you have a citation reference for the CA? I’d like to read more.. thank you for this – I am grateful for the education about the ECHR, as I know very little about that – it looks like a waste of time. The question of competency is called ‘Gillick competency’ I am not really qualified to opine on this but I wonder how much difference it makes – if your child is competent, then the court will listen to him simply repeating the words of the alienator so not sure how much good that does you. Has expert evidence been adduced? What I am currently proposing is to name and shame judges – we just dont seem to be able to win in the courts so let’s try the court of public opinion. Provided everything is anonymised to protect kids, I want to expose these people – what do you think? I have done it in my case (i also went to the CA) – power works best in secret, but dissipates when a light is shined on it… LPS? not sure what that means. If you want to send me some stuff, court orders cafcass stuff etc, what i am doing with other ukap subscribers is to read, assess, anonymise and publish, and, before publishing, run it past you… what u think


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