Parental Alienation has been defined as follows:

“A process, and the result of, the psychological manipulation of a child into showing unwarranted fear, disrespect or hostility towards a parent or other members of the family”

According to experts, children do not typically reject a parent unless they have been manipulated to do so.

The Twelve Signs of Parental Alienation

Here at UKAP, our job is to provide information about the family courts, and how to avoid all the pitfalls – there are many. We highlight the problems with the system, and give suggestions as to how things can be improved.

What are Judges up to?!


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One BIG problem

The main problem with this area of law is not the law itself, but with the judges. Judges are cowardly, weak, lazy, unaccountable and unenlightened. This must change.

ONE big solution

There are several possible solutions, which you can read about on this site. The primary focus, though, must be on judges simply doing their job – enforcing their own orders. 98.8% of the time, judges do not do this – so Court Orders are simply ignored. Courts have become a laughing stock. It’s time to speak truth to power…


Here you will find ideas about underlying problems with the courts and with CAFCASS.

10 things Targeted Parents need to know

Tips for dealing with the ‘System’

About Me

I am an alienated parent. I have spent the last four years fighting this, during which time I have not seen my son or had any communication from him, or about him. None of this, of course, is his fault. I have spent lots of money on lazy, ineffective lawyers.

I am writing this blog to help others stuck in the same position as me. Parental Alienation is a crime in other countries, and it should be in the UK too, and, indeed, everywhere.

During the last four years, I have become intimately acquainted with the legal cases that have been decided on this issue. But where we look for logic. robustness and consistency, all we find is incoherence, weakness, delay and eccentricity, from a judiciary that is out-of-touch and almost completely ineffective. Our job as alienated parents is simply to get judges to do their job. We are done with the pain now. It’s time for change.

When I am not writing about this subject, I like to play chess and backgammon. I am also interested in philosophy and politics.

(A quick note on terminology – throughout this site, references to ‘AP’ are to ‘Alienating Parent’ and references to ‘TP’ mean the ‘Target Parent’)


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